Belgium: BE for Ukraine donates third school bus to Ukraine

Brussels, Belgium: ‘BE for Ukraine’, a Belgium-based charitable organization, sent a school bus to the Yelanetska settlement council of the Mykolaiv region, which is the third school bus for Ukraine donated to Ukraine. 

The Ukrainian embassy in Belgium appreciated the Belgium-based charitable Organization for helping the children of Ukraine during the time of crisis. 

The Ukrainian embassy emphasizes that For a year and a half of the full-scale Russian war, many schoolchildren have been unable to attend school, receive a decent education, or move safely. In the face of Russia’s war against Ukraine, ‘BEforUkraine’ continues to support Ukraine and provides Ukrainian schoolchildren with a bus for a safer way from school to home.

Since Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, ‘BE for Ukraine’ has provided three buses helping children to get education and securing their fundamental rights abolished due to Russian aggression. 

A single bus is carrying 200 children every day to different schools in Ukraine. The third 3rd donation-funded bus has just arrived in Ukraine 

Additionally, the charitable organization provided:

  • Sixty-eight ambulances and refrigeration trucks.
  • Transferred 300 m3 of medical and technical equipment.
  • Delivered essential goods worth €5,000,000 to Ukraine.

The charitable Organization, ‘BE for Ukraine’, has also donated 68 bulletproof ambulances to Ukraine to save the lives of Ukrainian soldiers wounded on the battlefield. In June 2023, the tenth dispatch of bulletproof ambulances was sent to Ukraine, including seven vehicles. 

For a year and a half of full-scale Russian war, these ambulances have saved numerous lives. Sixty-eight ambulances were sent by BE for Ukraine in ten dispatches. 

On June 2, 2023, BE For Ukraine displayed a damaged Ambulance in front of the building of European Parliament in Belgium to demonstrate how these ambulances can save lives of multiple soldiers fighting for their freedom and urged the Belgian population to donate to help Ukrainians to counter Russian aggression. 


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