France may transfer Mirage 2000 fighters from French Air Force to Ukraine

Paris, France: An Agreement for Ukraine to obtain Mirage-2000D ground attack versions has apparently been made. France is looking to increase Ukraine’s Air Force strength by providing them with the French-made Mirage-2000D.

As per sources, a delegation of the Ukrainian Air Force travelled to France to discuss the possibility of acquiring French Mirage combat aircraft. The number of aircraft has not yet been specified. The aircraft made its first flight in 1991.

Air Force commanders have travelled to France to coordinate the details of the future agreement, under which Ukraine will receive an unspecified quantity of Mirage 2000 jet fighters.

The Multirole fighter is equipped with modern technology capable of destroying Russian armour on the field, preventing them from gaining more Ukrainian territory.

The French forces have begun quietly training Ukrainian pilots in the past months. The Mirage 2000 D version is specially designed for Ground strikes, and the aircraft is currently undergoing a mid-life upgrade to be fully modernised, fulfilling the Ukrainian Air Force’s requirements in the ongoing conflict.

With new upgrades, the French multirole fighter can carry and fire new ground attack weapons, including Storm Shadow and Taurus, laser-guided bombs and HARM-type weapons.

Equipped with the latest NATO-standard battlefield comms integration datalink (LINK16), they can report battlefield operations back to commanders and be rapidly updated on potential targets. These are also completely compatible with the F-16’s.

Mirage-2000D’s mid-life refit includes significant air-to-air upgrades. The D was a variant developed from the 2000N tactical nuclear delivery variant.

It is still unclear how long France will take to deliver Mirage D-model fighter jets to Ukraine. According to the Intelligence Online portal, Kyiv and Paris are close to concluding such an agreement.

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