Belgium: F-16s will participate in NATO dissuasive mission till November 4

Belgium: As part of a military boost on NATO’s eastern flank, about six Belgian F-16s will participate in a NATO dissuasive mission until November 4 and will be based from the Amari base in Estonia, as per the sources.

The mission’s goal was to dissuade and avoid aggression on the military alliance’s eastern borders. In total, Belgium will bring six F-16s to Estonia, with three from the Florennes air base as well as three from Kleine Brogel, as well as 97 military personnel, including operational, support and technical officers.

The majority of the Belgium unit left on Thursday from the Florennes air base, as well as the rest of the unit, left on Monday already.

NATO has increased its aviation capacity by increasing the number of planes on standby in eastern Europe. In addition, to existing projects, a so-called ‘enhanced Vigilance Activities’ mission was added. To this end, the Belgian Council of Ministers approved sending off Belgian aircraft.

Along with this, allied fighters have intercepted Russian aircraft in the Baltic sea as well as in the high north operating near Allied airspace, as per NATO, which suggests an increased presence in importance.

NATO’s dissuasive mission aims to avoid escalation, deter hostile actions and show NATO unity. The F-16s will carry out training missions as well as conduct armed air as well as border controls, particularly along NATO’s eastern region.

Furthermore, Belgium F-16s have already taken part in another NATO dissuasive mission from April 1 to July 31. The aircraft had been stationed at the Estonian air base since December as well as was involved with air border controls in the airspace of the Baltic countries.

The missions have evolved from the month of April because of events in war-torn Ukraine.

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