Germany issues alert to avoid gas emergency in winter season

Europe: The energy regulator of Germany, the Federal Network Agency, issued a warning to the nation’s consumers as well as businesses on Thursday, saying that they risked triggering a power “emergency” if they did not dramatically cut consumption.

Federal Network Agency President Klaus Müller mentioned in the statement, “We will hardly be able to avoid an emergency of gas in winter season without at least 20 percent savings in the private, commercial and industrial sectors. The situation can become very severe if we do not significantly decrease the consumption of gas.”

Moreover, Müller asserted that gas consumption increased in the previous week, prompting his warnings of a potential lack if the trend is not dramatically reversed.

About an average of household, as well as small business power consumption all over Germany for the week of September 26 was at least 618 gigawatts, which is 10 percent higher than the years 2018-2021. Industrial consumption, he mentioned, was increased by 2 percent (1,370 gigawatts).

Across the board, households and small businesses make up roughly 40 percent of German gas consumption, with industry accounting for the other 60 percent.

Along with this, Germany, like its European neighbours, has been severely hampered by the decision by Russia to cut the gas supplies to the continent in retaliation to the European sanctions on Moscow for its full-scale military operation against war-torn Ukraine.

Before the invasion, Russia was the leading supplier of Europe. Currently, the European Union is relying heavily on Norway as well as looking for contracts with other suppliers in an effort to avoid power as well as heating outages over the coming months.

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