Belgium: anti-terror police arrested 13 individuals in Antwerp

In Brussels, on 8th February, Tuesday, the Belgium police officer arrested 13 individuals by observing the invasions all over and around the port city on Belgium’s River Scheldt, Antwerp, as they wanted to investigate if they were the members of an Islamist terror group and they are behind these attacks.

As per the information provided by the office of the federal prosecutor, it seems that all of the people belong to the same group, which is said to be the Salafist movement. All of them are under arrest because they were sharing the jihadist information on social media, and it is still not clear if they have made any plan related to the attack.

There are around 100 police officers who are involved in the operation in which they have detained 13 separate addresses at the time of the raid.

Moreover, the spokesman for the federal public prosecutor of Belgium mentioned, “There are the individuals who are suspected of belonging to a Salafist circle, and this is the open case for the terrorism.” On the other hand, the investigation has been going on for a long time, from around several months.

The information related to the case has not yet revealed the plan of action of the group, but the objective of the police operation was not to prevent a coming danger of attack.

However, within 24 hours, all of the 13 will appear in front of the judge, and he will make the decision related to them as they will remain in custody or proceed further with the charges.

The spokesman further mentioned, “We do not arrest the people without any reason. If they are placed under arrest, then there are some of the details that need to be verified or further investigated.”

In the nation, various terror attacks already have been affected in the previous decade, such as in 2016, the suicide bombings that have taken the lives of 32 individuals and has wounded lots more people in the Brussels subway and the airport.

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