Belgian Chip Shop Aims to Break World Record with Non-Stop Chip Frying Marathon

Van Den Langenbergh aims to surpass this milestone by frying chips tirelessly for 127 hours and 15 minutes, a feat that requires not only culinary skill but also physical endurance

Antwerp’s Role as Europe’s Cocaine Gateway Faces New Challenges

Antwerp, Europe's second-largest port, has seen a dramatic increase in its handling capacity over the past two decades. This growth, while beneficial for legitimate trade, has also made the port an attractive target for drug traffickers

Ed Sheeran to Light Up Antwerp’s Middenvijver Park with Spectacular Mathematics European Tour

Known for his electrifying performances and record-breaking attendance numbers, Sheeran's upcoming show in Antwerp will not disappoint. Organizers have promised a state-of-the-art production, boasting cutting-edge technology that includes immersive LED screens and a dynamic rotating stage.

Three Tonnes of Cocaine Intercepted in Transit Through Antwerp

Dutch authorities have seized a staggering 3,000 kilograms of cocaine in Moerdijk, a port town in the southwest Netherlands. The bust, valued at approximately 220 million euros, marks a significant victory in the ongoing battle against international narcotics smuggling

Radiologists Dismissed Following Patient Safety Concerns at ZNA Cadix Hospital

Shockingly, findings from this audit identified 52 cases where there were concerns that the radiology reports could have affected patient safety. As a precautionary measure, the hospital has already reached out to 24 affected patients to discuss their cases further

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