Belgium could move to ‘code orange’ by next Friday: Vandenbroucke

In Belgium, on Friday 18th February, the code is going to be changed from red to code orange on the COVID-19 barometer. As per the information provided by the federal health minister, Frank Vandenbroucke, on Wednesday, by observing the current scenario of the COVID-19, the decision related to the code has been made.

Currently, the barometer indicates the code as red for the whole nation, but as the cases of the COVID-19 is reducing and the number of people getting admitted to the hospital is also showing a downfall. Vandenbroucke mentioned during an interview that looking at the current signs of positivity, the code will be switched from red to orange soon.

He mentioned directing towards the total COVID-19 individuals admitted in the ICU, and for code, orange has to be under 500 and now it has been noticed as 431. “As per the status of the maximum number of the individuals who have been died in the Intensive Care Unit, that is clear in the orange code.”

The federal health minister further added, “Right now, we are still in the red in terms of count of the individual who dies in the health care centres on the per-day basis. The number of positive cases is decreasing. It is reflecting a positive sign.”

To change the COVID barometer, the rate of the COVID infection and the number of people getting infected should be between 65 and 149.

On Wednesday, the nation has noticed around 324 of the COVID cases, and the figures represent the information that the cases are decreasing gradually.

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