Flanders: children aged 12 to 17 years old will receive booster shots from today onwards

In Belgium, children of the age of 12 to 17 will now have a booster vaccination in Flanders without any agreement after the discussion was held on the countrywide level.

As per the information provided by the health minister of Flanders, Wouter Beke mentioned in the previous week that the region would be prepared to give the booster vaccination dose of the coronavirus vaccine to the youth.

After the conversation was held, the authorities decided to move forwards to vaccinate the teenagers so that they could be protected from the situation.

The spokesman of the Agency for Care and Health, Joris Moonens, mentioned, “Previous week, the decision was made in Flanders that 12- to 17-year-old teenagers can have the booster dose of the vaccine if they have signed a consent document.”

Moreover, there will be no invitation will be shared via by post, e-mail or e-box at this point to notify the people. The parents of the children have to contact the nearby vaccination centre to make an appointment directly.

The vaccination centres will manage the system for the booster dose administration. They will either work for a while, arrange walk-ins, or work online according to the registration system. It is mandatory for teenagers to bring a signed consent form to get vaccinated.

Additionally, all of the young ones will get the shot of the Pfizer vaccine. In Between, the grown-ups will be provided with the vaccination for the duration of four months after the second primary vaccination.

Moonens has shared the information with the government about the maximum number of vaccination centres in the region, and that will be providing the shot. Other vaccination centres are going to start from the coming Wednesday.

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