Italy plans to revoke decision of compulsory wearing of masks

In Italy, on 11th February, the government is working to ease the restrictions related to the facial masks mandate. As per the information provided, the deputy health minister nation, Andrea Costa, mentioned that health minister Roberto Speranza is going to sign an order related to lifting up the mask mandate in the outdoors.

Moreover, the compulsory mask will be no longer required while travelling outdoors all over the nation. This will come into existence on 11th February, Friday, nevertheless of the risk rate of the area under the colour-coded system of the government related to the COVID limitation.

Costa mentioned this step that the authorities have taken as a sign of hope for all of the individuals from Italy. “We must share a positive sign. For around two years, the citizens have appreciated the rules and restrictions as well as also been a part of the vaccination campaign en masse.”

The decision related to the burden of the outdoor masks, he warned, “It does not mean that this should be avoided, the masks should not be abandoned.”

On 7th February, Monday, the health minister Speranza said, “We are still in the stage on fighting COVID even if there are provoking signs, with a downfall of the 30 percent of cases in the week. This was a possible thanks to an extraordinary vaccination campaign.”

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