Autumn wave of COVID-19 continues to increase in Belgium, records over 100 cases

Brussels, Belgium: The autumn wave of COVID-19 infections is continuing to increase all over Belgium as the number of new cases as well as people admitted in the hospitals on a per day basis is once again rising, as per the sources.

An average of at least 104 patients suffering from COVID were hospitalised each day, which increased by 24 percent in the previous seven days, which is risen from an average of around 94 hospitalisations on Tuesday.

This figure only includes the maximum number of individuals because of the virus.

In addition, virologist Steven Van Gucht shared the information in a press conference on Friday related to the rise in the number of people getting infected by the infection, “The eighth Covid-19 wave is making itself increasingly felt in hospitals, with a further rise in, hospital admissions.”

“The predicted wave seems to be developing and thus may peak in the second half of October.”

The total number of individuals infected with the virus in the hospitals of Belgium increased from 1,294 on Tuesday to 1,427, which increased by 32 percent since the previous week, while the number of patients admitted to ICU remained stable at 74.

This number does not include the patients admitted with a different condition who later tested positive for COVID-19.

An average of about 2,945 new daily infections were identified between September 27 as well as October 3, which increased by 19 percent from the last week, the highest figure seen in two months.

Infections are increasing by 7 percent faster among the working population, and as often the case, are increasing most sharply among healthcare providers in the healthcare centre. In primary as well as secondary educational institutions, as well as among the train staff, cases have also risen sharply.







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