About 1,300 Covid-19 patients hospitalized in Belgium

Brussels, Belgium: An average of 94.3 patients suffering from the COVID-19 infection were admitted to the local hospitals every day in the previous seven days, the highest number since the middle of August month.

This marks a 28 percent rise from the last seven days, as well as up from an average of around 83 hospitalisations on Friday the previous week, as per the sources.

Along with this, the maximum number of individuals infected with the virus in the hospitals of Belgium rose from 1,080 on Friday last week to 1,294 (+39 percent since last week). At the same time, 74 patients were being treated in intensive care (24 more than on Friday in the previous week).

The number includes patients admitted with a different condition who later tested positive.

Along with this, an average of 2,823 new daily infections were reported between 24 to 30 September, which has been increased by 26 percent from the last week. This is the highest figure seen in two months.

The average number of tests taken every day increased slightly to about 12,700. The positivity rate has risen to 23 percent, which means around one in four tests has a positive result.

When this figure is above one, it means that the epidemic is spreading more rapidly in Belgium. The incidence (the number of new cases per 100,000 inhabitants) has increased to 306 over the previous 14 days.

As of Saturday, about 7.2 million individuals have received a booster dose of the vaccine, representing 76 percent of over-18s and 62 percent of the entire population, while around 2.15 million people have received a second booster dose, equivalent to 19 percent of the total population.








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