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Cases of new infection continues to fall in Belgium

The number of new infections continues to decrease in Belgium, as the figures published by the Sciensano Institute of Public Health.

England, Wales records upsurge in COVID cases, rise by 10 percent

With each passing day, the maximum number of COVID-related cases is rising in England and Wales, in Europe.

Belgium: COVID cases decreases after sudden surge

After the cases of COVID-19 rose briefly in Belgium in recent weeks, this trend seems to be slowly turning, according to the reports.

Autumn wave of COVID-19 continues to increase in Belgium, records over 100 cases

The autumn wave of COVID-19 infections is continuing to increase all over Belgium as the number of new cases in Belgium.

Dutch authorities set to extradise Van Quickenborne kidnapping suspects

At least four Dutch suspects involved in the attempted kidnapping of the Justice Minister of Belgium Vincent Van Quickenborne.

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