Brussels to host terror attacks trail of March 2016 on November 14

Europe: The trial of the March 2016 terror attacks in the City of Brussels will begin again on November 14 after it was put on hold because of concerns about the defendants’ conditions at the time of trial.

The accused were meant to sit in glass boxes at the time of trial, but following protests by the defence lawyers over these conditions, the original date of the trial in the month of October was pushed back.

Along with this, currently, the requested adjustments to the courtroom, as well as the controversial glass boxes for the defendants, will be ready, the Federal Public Justice Service made the announcement on Thursday.

The President of the Court, Laurence Massart, is expected to confirm this week that the trial will be permitted on November 14.

Moreover, on September 16, the court agreed with the defence as well as the defence as well as made the decision that the boxes had to be demolished as well as replaced.

Massart mentioned that it was impossible to have the requested adjustments to the boxes ready before the original date for the trial.

About ten individuals will stand trial for their involvement in the Brussels terror attacks on March 22, 2016. In addition, one of them is ‘presumed dead,’ so only nine of the accused will be present at the trial.

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