Around 185,000 Ukrainian refugees started working in Poland, says EU

The European Commission has made the announcement that around 185,000 Ukrainian refugees have already started working in Poland under the simplified procedures made possible by the authorities of Poland.

The statement was issued on June 9, and the European Union Commission has outlined that this special law makes access to work easier for Ukrainian refugees since it makes Ukrainian refugees eligible for employment even if they do not have a work permit or a PESEL number, which is a unique issue to the residents, as per the reports.

In the statement, it has been mentioned that “Instead, refugees from Ukraine can start work as long as their employer informs the local labour office about the hire within 14 days.”

Moreover, the procedure applies to the citizens of Ukraine citizens and non-EU spouses of Ukrainian nationals who arrived in Poland on or after February 24.

As per to the EU Commission, half of the refugees found work in four of the 16 Polish provinces, which are Mazowieckie, Dolnośląskie, Wielkopolskie, and Łódzkie. Since most of the refugees are women and children, women also make up the majority of new employees, as most as about 135,000.

The statement also highlighted, “At the time of writing this article, data from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) counts over 1.1 million refugees from Ukraine present in Poland.”

Along with this, the Polish Ministry of Social and Family Policy aims to help integrate refugee work further, including better access to Polish language courses.

The European Union Commission also highlighted those future regulations are expected to make it easier for labour inspectors to ensure that refugees are guaranteed adequate working standards.


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