Italy: Travellers facing disruption amid air traffic controller’s strike

Travellers in Italy are facing disruptions amid the air traffic controller’s strike along with the unions, who also called out workers from budget airlines on 4-hour stoppages, encouraging the cancellation of hundreds of flights.

According to the spokesperson for the UIL Transport union said on Wednesday, “Over 360 flights have been revoked with over 4,000 passengers affected.”

During the past few weeks, travellers across Europe have endured delays and cancellations as airlines and airports struggle to cooperate with a rebound in travel at the start of the summer season.

The union of Italy FILT-CGIL, as well as UIL Transport, has called for a four-hour strike, which begins from 0800 GMT for Ryanair workers in Italy, complaining about a pay cut which is concerned with onboard sales and harsh conditions at Europe’s biggest budget airline.

Ryanair denied that any of its staff members had joined in the strikes in Italy but added that it had revoked d a number of flights because of the action by the air traffic controllers in northern as well as central Italy.

According to the statement released by Ryanair, “These ATC (air traffic control) strikes are entirely beyond our control, and we seriously apologize for any inconvenience they will inevitably cause.”

Flight controllers from Italy’s ENAV have walked out for 12 hours on Wednesday. EasyJet also accused the controllers of disrupting to its schedules.

Furthermore, according to the statement released by easyJet, “Around 24 flights to as well as from the United Kingdom have been cancelled in advance to mitigate the effect on customers’ plans today, along with providing the option to rebook before travelling to the airport.”

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