Musical artist Boots Factor recalls his band “SK6ERS” on its tenth anniversary

Boots Factor, a Musical artist, shared the update on the tenth anniversary of SK6ERS (An American rock band) last show and remembered the last time they had the show, they were not aware that it was going to be their last show.

Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers (SK (& The Sixers)) is an American band which was formed in 2003. He took to his official social media account and noted, “It’s hard to believe yesterday was the tenth anniversary of SK6ERS’s last show. As we walked off the Webster Hall stage late that night, I wasn’t aware that all of us (to date) wouldn’t be on the same stage together at the same time for ten friggin years… We came close (like the time at my wedding’s after party. Kit was in France, but Kyle was my best man), but it hasn’t quite happened yet.”

Boots Factor stated that he personally referred to the break as a hiatus, as well as he still does, but if everyone never does play another show together, he can proudly say that he had the best musical moments and shared experiences while being a member of SK6ERS.

Along with this, he expressed his gratitude and said that SK, Kit, Steamer and Chip Chip (that’s who Chip is aptly named in my phone) remain close friends. The longer in the tooth you get, one realizes there are few people in everyone’s life they don’t talk to for years, see them and pick up right where they left off. These guys are those dear friends to him.

Here are the ten years. He probably has books worth of stories to share, but he is not a writer. Moreover, he is just a drummer who plays other instruments and sings while chewing gum at the same time.

He is also a dad who lives in a house where two forever-growing girls are taking up way too much space.

So there needs to be more space, money and keepsakes he has been holding onto for a long time. He will never relinquish particular objects, but there are some things he feels he is ready to let go of.

But he thinks that he doesn’t fit into them anymore, they’re taking up too much room in my closet, and he believes some people might want them. Boots Factor is going to start off with these hoodies and see what happens. These won’t be easy to let go of, but he knows there are some passionate fans out there.

So he made the decision to sell these special, one-of-a-kind hoodies.

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