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Edmond Louveau (1895-1973) was appointed circle commander in Kaolack in August 1934. He remained in his position until 1936.

“I believe in you even more with a strong reason to Prophet Muhammad (PSL). “said circle commander Edmond Louveau to Baye Niass

Knowing well about the colonial thing as demonstrated by his doctoral thesis on the influence of Islam in the AOF colonies (French West Africa), but also late heir to colonial thinkers like Maurice Delafosse and Lessi eur, he offered no less new tracks to explore for maintaining power and influence of France in the colonies. Only his years of service in Saloum marked him darkly.

He loved Shaykh Ibrahim Niass and had performed great services for his cause. He granted him the lands that became the Sam neighborhood in the outskirts of Medina Baye.

The latter told his personal secretary Ibrahim Mahmoud Diop that Louveau was contributing on his own leader to the celebration of the birth of the Prophet (PSL).

And when the Shaykh asked him the reason for his actions while he did not believe in the Prophet’s mission as a Christian, he replied: “I believe in you even more than the Prophet Muhammad (PSL). ”

In the colonial archives of France, more specifically in the carton 923 of the year 1935, there is a report written by him evoking Sheikh Mouhammad Niass and his brother Shaykh Ibrahima Niass going in the direction of the erroneous philosophy that he has admin had on their social background.

What was more than one point of his conduct could not be more respectful and the services he did not fail to render to the Imam of the Faydatidianiya.

In a second signed report of the same Louveau, he mentions Sidi Ahmed Soukeyridj’s 1934 visit to Kaolack, which almost went unnoticed except for Professor Rudiger Seesam who cites this report in “The Divine Flood”.

It was an earnest prayer of the Shaykh that the high colonial authorities who were meant to fight would become so understanding, see subjugated, while indigenous agents, customary chiefs and interpreter tried everything to crush his influence this.

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