UK allows all individuals including unvaccinated into country

The United Kingdom, on Friday, has made an announcement while permitting all of the individuals, including the unvaccinated people, to get entry into the nation without requiring to undergo any COVID-19 test.

The government no longer requires unvaccinated persons to test before entering the country, nor does it demand a second post-arrival test. Managed hotel quarantines will be phased out at the end of March, making the UK one of the first big economies to abolish all Covid-19 foreign travel requirements.

Along with this, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps mentioned, “I said we wouldn’t keep travel measures in place for any longer than necessary, which we’re delivering on today – providing more welcome news and greater freedom for travellers ahead of the Easter holidays.”

Moreover, the passenger locator forms (PLF) will no longer be required to be completed or presented before departure. For a long time, vaccinated travellers have been free from testing requirements.

The Chief Executive of Airlines UK named, Tim Alderslade stated, “With travellers returning to the UK no longer burdened by unnecessary forms and testing requirements, we can now look forward to returning to pre-COVID normality throughout the travel experience.”

Despite the government’s efforts to ease travel restrictions, coronavirus infections continue to rise in the United Kingdom, as they do in Belgium.

As per the UK’s Office for National Statistics, in the previous week, 43,9 percent of the cases were reported of the individuals that have been tested positive for the COVID-19 infection, 50 percent of the million people are getting affected by the disease,

In addition, as part of contingency planning to manage variations of concern, the government stated that it can still impose further limitations if new Covid-19 variants emerge.

Furthermore, Health and Social Care Secretary Sajid Javid mentioned, “We will continue monitoring & tracking potential new variants and keep a reserve of measures that can be rapidly deployed if needed to keep us secure.”

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