Belgium government to spend €25 million for free PCR COVID-19 tests

The Belgium government spends €25 million for free PCR COVID-19 test every week. As per the information provided by the Federal Health Minister Frank Vandenbroucke, there was a discussion on charging no cost on free self-tests.

According to the information, there is a code for the person test showing coronavirus symptoms to book a free PCR. For the individuals who have the free self-test, the amount of that test has been covered by the government authorities, approximately €25 million per week.

He further mentioned during an interview, “Free PCR test has been offered to the individuals and will be provided to them when needed, it cost a lot of amounts. Particularly this is not even the duty of the federal government. However, the full money of the test is still being paid without even thinking twice, and this is the eligibility of the communities.”

The education minister has issued a report in which he has mentioned substantial guidance about all the primary and the secondary school children will be given a self-test once in a week. Meanwhile, the other countries, which includes Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands, will pay all the amount of the self-test.

Mr Vandenbroucke mentioned, “If any educational institution wants their children and school to be protected, then the authorities should provide free self-tests to the schools so that there can be the free test. This is the logic.”

The federal government has already paid a large amount of money for this COVID-19 self-test reported by Vandenbroucke. People with low income can quickly get access to the test at a lower price. They are entitled to an extra allowance so that they can purchase the medicines.

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