FWB to welcome Ukrainian students, as refugees making way to Belgium

As thousands of migrants arrive in Belgium, the Wallonia-Brussels Federation (FWB) has been prepared to welcome a large number of Ukrainian children to its educational institution in the coming days.

A maximum of 130 students from Ukraine have been enrolled in FWB schools. The Education Minister named Caroline Desir mentioned that this number is going to increase soon. Fifty percent of the Ukrainian refugees have reached in Belgium are children or are in the age of school-going young ones.

Along with this, on Thursday, the minister had a meeting with the authorities related to the studies, the unions as well as other school-related actions. They had a discussion over the arrival of the children from the war-torn nation in classes. She mentioned, “We must prepare for a more massive arrival and over time.”

Moreover, the children will also be needed more psychological support because of the difficult situation they are going through. They have left their homes and the current situation from where they have come from.

Furthermore, in Belgium, the school authorities are suffering the lack of teachers as the number of students in the schools are increasing on the per-day basis Desir mentioned that she has thought to hire Ukrainian teachers to help in the education of the refugee children because of which specific working group has been developed.

On the other hand, Federal officials believe that Belgium could house 200,000 Ukrainian refugees in total, including 80,000 in Wallonia and Brussels. The Foreigners’ Office has already received 10,000 registrations.

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