Brussels: People gathers on the streets protest against COVID-19 regulations

On Sunday, Jan 23, there was a protest going on in Brussels. Thousands of marchers gathered on the streets against the anti-coronavirus regulations made by the authorities as the individuals getting affected by the new variant of the COVID-19 variant has set a high record.

According to the sources, the assembled people were far more than the earlier protests in Belgium capital to the seat of the EU-European Union and have seen conflicts with the police officers.

The signboards that were carried by the demonstrators which shows the criticizing of the Prime Minister of Belgium Alexander De Croo, as well as the COVID pass that depicts the information about the safety of the individuals that have been tested against the COVID-19 variant and that pass is required for access in the hospitality venues was mentioned.

Organizers involving the World Wide Demonstration for Freedom & Europeans United dor Freedom have asked people to come and reach other European states.
Meanwhile, flags from Poland, the Netherlands and Romania could also be seen within the crowd.

Moreover, the woman travelling from Lile in northern France named Ms Francesca Fanara mentioned, “Since 2020, what has been going on as the year has allowed the individuals to wake up to the corruption. I have also been the part of the protest.”

A person from Portugal, Mr Adolfo Barbosa, said, “It is a health dictatorship. As the people are gathered together, it warms the heart.”

The primary reason for the protest is that when the government authorities try to remove the restrictions made due to the increase in the cases of the COVID-19 variant Omicron, the variant is highly transmissible.

According to the Health Agency of the European Union, on Friday, the Omicron virus has power and influence over individuals globally. It is spreading over the bloc and some other neighbouring countries.

The World Health Organisation said the Omicron variant is less likely to be a severe illness, but it spreads rapidly.

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