Singer Tim Booth recalls his happy memories with Angelo Badalamenti

Singer-songwriter Tim Booth shared the information on his official social media account that he raised his glass to Angelo Badalamenti, who is an American composer. 

He mentioned in the statement, “I raise my glass to Angelo Badalamenti. I’m sad and brimming with happy memories. Angelo Badalamenti died last evening. I spent most of 1995 working with him, making the ‘Booth And The Bad Angel’ album over an idyllic year in New York.”


Tim Booth was obsessed with the Julee Cruise “Floating Into The Night” CD and he hoped to make something as sensual and strange with him. He wanted to make a rock album with me, and, being the better musician, he won.

The album flowed. Tim Booth brought in the recently ex-Suede guitarist Bernard Butler who made magic happen, and he brought in a pre- ‘OK Computer’ Nigel Godrich, to engineer the mixes. Recordings with James had been wonderful, but there was always a pressure, a pressure that was absent here. The singer was taking a year out from James (who kindly stepped in to play with us on the ‘Later’ sessions). 

Angelo and he worked in a studio reeking of the 50’s, close to time square, run by his friend Artie. We worked in the times between great meals and storytelling.

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 His break had come writing songs for Nina Simone. The musical style he became famous for inspired by The Cocteau Twins. One day he played me 20 national anthems on the piano whilst talking about how each anthem reflected the national characteristics of its people.

His uncle Tony had served time as a Mafia hitman and Angelo’s impersonation of him, a dead murderous glare became a game we played daily. The winner was whoever could hold the glare longest without cracking up. We still play ‘Uncle Tony’ in our household.


He gave me the clapped-out Fender Rhodes that he had created all the music for Twin Peaks on. My friend Lenny Kaye kept it in his lock-up in New York for five years, until he bumped into Angelo at a party and gave it back! I moved to America the following year and asked Lenny to ship it to me…

I insisted his name be in the album title, that he be on the front cover. In retrospect I saw him as a father figure, I couldn’t get enough of him.

It was a rich time for me, living by Central Park and pursuing my soon-to-be wife. The song ‘Please Fall In Love With Me’ was an unabashed attempt to seduce her. She recently admitted it worked.

I’m sure I was not the only one to assume from hearing his music, that he might have a dark personality, but the man was all heart, our collaboration, a rich pleasure. Angelo was mischievous and eternally young at heart. 

He left a big impact on me – an impact that makes my heart smile and my soul sing.

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