Greece exports corruption to Europe instead of products: Alexis Tsipras

Greece: Alexis Tsipras, President of SYRIZA (Political Party), stated that the nation exports corruption to Europe instead of products.

He took to his official Facebook account and mentioned that the nation exports to Europe, not products but corruption. In Europe, they arrest those who expose scandals. In Greece, they are threatened with arrest.

Unfortunately, the country has become the country with the negative firsts throughout Europe. He said, “We have the most costly electricity, we have the lowest salaries, and we have the greatest inequalities.”

Lately, everyone has another characteristic of the first: The nation-Greece exports but does not export products, and it exports corruption to Europe.

Read here – statement of Alexis Tsipras:

The difference is that in Europe, there are institutions that function, and there is justice that arrests the perpetrators, while in Greece, those who reveal the scandals are threatened with arrest, as well as not those who commit the scandals.

Imagine, nowhere else could a government and a prime minister stand even for some time when it is shared the information that he had set up a cycle of illegal interceptions as well as surveillance of political opponents, ministers, journalists, judges, etc. traders and even the leaders of the Armed Forces?

In which European country could they stand even one wait? maybe only in countries like Qatar would they stand. But only in some European countries.

The government of Mitsotakis has taken the country too far behind. The general sense of injustice, widening inequalities, politics that led us to bankruptcy years ago, politics that wants the poor to become poorer, yet the rich to become narrower, it’s a policy we don’t deserve. Widening inequalities is not worth us.

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