Read here: Full statement of Alexis Tspiras on Belgium government

Greece: The President of SYRIZA, Alexis Tsipras, outlined that in Belgium, a Minister with unclear amounts of 1 million. Euro and a Prime Minister who attends half of the cabinet cannot stand for a day. 

Read here the complete statement of Alexis Tsipras:

I envy Belgium because that’s where the institutions operate. With an unspecified one mil euro, ministers’ cases are not included in the file.

The politicians sit on the bench for scandals, not the judges who investigate them. And a prime minister who attends half of the cabinet cannot stand for a day.

It is sad for both the political system and ND what is happening. I cannot know why Chatzidakis acts as if nothing is happening. Isn’t it nice instead of being the minister, be the target 5046c.

 Samaras, Karamanlis, former prime ministers, say the obvious: That this is a democratic diversion. I think the prime minister should take his responsibility.

In Parliament, I asked the Prime Minister to assure us of one thing: Mr. was being monitored by the EYP. Mr. Chatzidakis Floros, the Mr. Lalousis? The Mitsotakis, obviously guilty, did not give an answer – he ran away.

The government’s final narrative is that the prime minister is not an accomplice but is insufficient, he is a fool, and he did not understand. This ain’t shit at all. He has the ability to understand exactly what is happening, to choose his partners, to know what his colleagues are doing. He’s complicit and that’s why he’s been trying and hiding all these months.

I would expect a party, with such a long history, to have reflexes of self preservation. I can’t see them. The other day, 156 MPs voted for the bill on the EYP, which in fact legalizes diversion afterwards. So we have 156 accomplices.

If after all that has happened he does not take responsibility, if after all that has been done he does not resign, then it means an additional crime is being committed here.

Because the biggest crime would be to get used to the logic that “this happens”. This is called Mithridatism. “Come on, okay, Kylie stole. So what had happened?

“Come on, okay, the minister is starting, and what happened”?

“He has unspecified amounts, nothing is wrong.”

“Come on, okay, 8.5 billion.” euro direct deposits have arrived but nothing is happening.

“Okay, the Prime Minister was watching half the political world, nothing’s wrong.”

Democracy has rules.

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