Ireland witnesses surge in immigration rates leads population increase

Ireland: The total net migration in Ireland has reached 61,100 in April, causing the nation to experience the highest population increase recorded in one-year periods since 2008.

According to the reports, about 59,600 people left the nation to live elsewhere.

Along with this, the Central Office for Statistics explains in a commentary, “Ireland’s population was estimated to be 5.10 million, increasing by 88,800 persons in the year to April 2022. This was the largest 12-month population soared since 2008 when the population increased by 109,200.”

This year’s net migration increased to 61,100, while those rates stood at 11,200 in 2021, representing a 445 percent increase.

Along with this, this five-fold increase in net migration has caused a 161 percent increase in population to occur, increasing to 88,800 in 2022 from 34,000 in 2021.

Additionally, the population of Ireland has been estimated to be 5.1 million, with 1.45 million or 28.4 per cent of the population living in the Dublin capital.

4.3 million out of the total inhabitants are people from Ireland, representing 86.2 percent of the population, while the immigrants make up 13.8 percent of the rest or 768,900. Moreover, the maximum number of immigrants to Ireland is estimated to have increased by just above 85 percent to 120,700 from 65,200 when compared with 2021.

The number of emigrants also surged over the same period from 54,000 to 59,600. These combined numbers gave positive net migration, indicating more individuals came than left.

Apart from migration, the population of Ireland also witnessed 28,900 nationals returning to live in the nation while 27,600 left to live abroad.

The commentary asserted, “The maximum number of immigrants was the highest from the year to April 2007 as well as sconsisted of 28,900 returning Irish nationals, 24,300 other European Union nationals, 4,500 UK nationals, as well as 63,000 other nationals including people from war torn Ukraine.”

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