Russia-Ukraine war, climate change, pandemic results in increase in food prices: Reports

The invasion of the war-torn nation, the climate change as well as the pandemic has resulted in an unprecedented rapid increase in food prices.

Millions of individuals all over the globe are facing a much more alarming situation, with women as well as girls suffering the most.

As per the information shared by the recent Plan International report, the hunger crisis is reaching unprecedented proportions. Meanwhile, there were 928 million people worldwide suffering from hunger, about 148 million more than the previous year, of which 70 percent were girls and women.

Moreover, the National Director of the Plan International, Isabelle Verhaegen, mentioned in the statement, “When food is scCarce, girls often eat less and are the last to eat.”

In addition, the organization stressed the current situation, which is particularly worrying in the nations, including Mali and Ethiopia, but also in Haiti and Laos.

Along with this, the Dr Unni Krishnan, who is the Humanitarian Director at the Plan International, “The Ukrainian harvest normally feeds 400 million people.”

“Each day that the conflict continues, the devastating effects are more and more felt. Rapidly rising food prices make a bad situation that much worse.”

The increase in food prices is affecting the families as well as the households all over the world, but it is also strengthening the gender inequality.

On the other hand, the women from the precarious backgrounds and the food crises have made the people eat less to feed their own children, but they have followed the other risks, such as being forced to miss school as well as work instead to make more money.

The 18-year-old named Elema from Ethiopia has testified, “After we lost our cattle due to the drought, I had to quit school to help my mother by collecting and selling firewood.”

Furthermore, the majority of the girls are the source of income for their families in some nations. They are also at greater risk of child marriage in the early pregnancy as well as sexual exploitation as a result of the hunger crisis.

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