COVID-19 cases crosses mark of 504.5 million, casualties reaches mark of 6.19 million, reveals data

The cases of the people getting infected from the COVID-19 infection have been reported to have more than 504.5 million. In contrast, the deaths have reached over 6.19 million as well as the number of vaccinations to more than 11.16 billion, as per Johns Hopkins University.

In the new update of the Johns Hopkins University on Sunday morning, the University’s Center for Systems Science as well as Engineering (CSSE) has shared the information that the current global load of the cases and the death toll stood at 504,566,515 as well as 6,198,219, respectively, while the maximum number of the vaccine doses that have been administered has been raised to 11,168,763,083.

Moreover, according to the COVID-19 tracker Worldometer, there are several nations that are still reporting a huge amount of the cases. South Korea, France as well as Italy has been reported the majority of the cases on April 17, Sunday.

List of the nations with the caseload below:

South Korea – 93,001
France – 86,650
Italy – 51,993
Japan – 47,009
Australia – 33,193
Germany – 26,716

Along with this, the United States of America has continued to be the worst-hit nation with the world’s highest number of cases as well as deaths at 80,632,301 and 988,618, respectively, as to the CSSE.

India has accounted for the second-highest caseload at 43,042,097.

Meanwhile, the other nations with more than 10 million cases, including Brazil, have reported 30,252,618, France-27,960,919 the individual has been infected by the variant of the COVID-19 infection.

In addition, 23,437,145 cases have been observed in Germany. In the United Kingdom, there were 21,916,961 cases. On the other hand, Russia has recorded 17,811,199 COVID cases, while South Korea reported 16,353,495 and Italy 15,712,088.

Furthermore, Turkey has reported 14,994,937 whereas Spain with 11,627,487 cases and Vietnam 10,432,547.

Apart from this, the nations death toll over 100,000, such as Brazil with 662,207 causalities, India 521,751 death cases, Russia 366,001, Mexico 323,938, Peru 212,619, the UK 172,014, Italy 161,687, Indonesia 155,866, France 145,194, Iran 140,829, Colombia 139,749, Germany 132,953, Argentina 128,344, Poland 115,838, Spain 103,104 and South Africa 100,147.

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