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European Court of Justice Imposes €200 Million Fine on Hungary for Violating Asylum Laws

The penalty follows a 2020 ruling that condemned Hungary's restrictive measures against asylum seekers, which included illegal detentions and obstructions to accessing asylum procedures

Belgium’s Deputy PM Unveils WHO Report on Commercial Influences in Health

Belgium's Deputy Prime Minister Frank Vandenbroucke unveiled a groundbreaking report in Brussels, highlighting the commercial determinants of noncommunicable diseases. The event, hosted with WHO, gathered policymakers and health experts to address the harmful influence of industries on public health

Belgium Begins Coalition Quest as Center-Right Parties Sweep Elections

The conservative New Flemish Alliance (N-VA) has maintained its grip on power in Dutch-speaking Flanders for a remarkable decade, fending off the challenge from the far-right Vlaams Belang, which secured the second position

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Mechelen drug smuggler arrested in Dubai

In Belgium, a Mechelen cocaine smuggler has been under arrest in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) named Farhan Bouzambou from a city between Brussels...

Belgium records average of 45 deaths per day due to COVID-19: Reports

In Belgium, the number of people getting affected due to the COVID-19 infection is showing a downward trend, but the number of casualties is...

Belgium to relax travelling measures on COVID-19 for incoming passengers

In Belgium, on Friday, the travellers with the certificate, which includes the details related to the status of vaccination, recovery and the test while...

Belgium: people who received Johnson & Johnson vaccine can access for third dose

In Belgium, the individuals who have already got the Johnson & Johnson vaccination against the COVID-19 variant with the initial dose can get the...

Eastern Europe needs to speed up vaccination drive against COVID-19: WHO

The new variant of the COVID-19 infection Omicron is heading towards Eastern Europe as it is highly transmissible. On Monday, the World Health Organisation mentioned...

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