Dominica signals positive outcomes after EU, UK makes a visit to examine CBI Programme

A delegation of the European Union and the United Kingdom recently visited the Commonwealth of Dominica to analyse the island’s citizenship by investment programme.

Throughout the extensive deliberations, the officials acknowledged the valuable contributions that the CBI industry is making to the country.

Prime Minister of Dominica, Dr Roosevelt Skerrit, shared the positive outcomes of the meetings in a statement made during an interview on a local radio channel.

He affirmed that both delegations conducted thorough investigations and audits of the Citizenship by Investment Programme during their recent visits.

The Prime Minister highlighted that the officials expressed satisfaction with Dominica’s initiatives within the CBI Programme and characterised the meetings as highly productive.

He also said that European Union officials also conducted on-site evaluations of both the CBI and Immigration Units, including meetings with Due Diligence firms to gain a comprehensive understanding of their operations.

Prime Minister Skerrit stated, “They were satisfied with what we have done and what we are doing. So, the meeting was very constructive. I think they had a completely different perspective in many aspects with regards to the CBI Programme because they rely on what they hear and what they are told.”

Notably, he stressed that the European Union officials left Dominica with an enhanced understanding and mindset, having witnessed the transparent utilisation of CBI resources in Dominica.

The officials engaged with various stakeholders involved in the programme, contributing to a more comprehensive perspective.

Expressing optimism about the forthcoming recommendations from EU officials, Prime Minister Skerrit said Dominica will continue to take necessary actions based on their advice.

In addition to the EU delegation, Prime Minister Skerrit provided details about the recent visit from a delegation representing the UK Home Office on Monday.

Furthermore, Prime Minister Skerrit disclosed plans to send a retired police officer to the UK for discussions regarding the potential reinstatement of visa-free access.

He reiterated the commitment of the Dominica Government to transparency and adherence to established procedures to maintain the integrity of the CBI Programme.

“I always invite our international partners to come forward and visit to see what we are doing. We owe a duty to ourselves and the international community,” stated the Prime Minister.

He highlighted that the delegates had access to recent legislation related to the CBI, engaging in discussions with the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) and encouraging their increased involvement in the programme.

Expressing satisfaction with the active engagement of international partners with Dominica, the Prime Minister commended the positive attitudes both delegations left with.

He affirmed the government’s dedication to addressing any raised concerns and encouraged collaborative efforts between the UK and EU in providing joint recommendations.

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