French supplied Storm Shadow missile used to strike Russian Vessel in Crimea

Ukrainian armed forces attempted to strike the Crimean peninsula by using French-supplied Storm Shadow long-range Cruise Missiles.

A Crimean resident caught the missile attack on Crimea when Ukraine launched a massive attack of around 15 cruise missiles on a shipbuilding plant in Kerch Bay, Crimea, on November 4.

Moscow said a Ukrainian strike had damaged a Russian ship moored in occupied Crimea, the latest sign that Ukraine’s stepped-up attacks are dealing blows to the Russian Navy.

The Storm Shadow is a long-range, stealth air-launched cruise missile developed in 1994 by Matra and British Aerospace and now manufactured by MBDA.

Ukraine officials claim that the attack was successful and damaged a Russian Black Sea fleet’s vessel.

The Crimean resident who witnessed and recorded the video of Ukrainian missile strikes claims that air defence systems shot down thirteen of France and Britain-supplied long-range missiles; 2 caused minor damage to a ship at the plant.

As per the video, when the missiles struck the naval base where it struck a vessel, no residential building or civilian was harmed, flames and smoke clouds were from the Zaliv shipyard, where the Russian Navy vessel was located.

The local media claims that at least three strikes were launched on Monday, primarily targeting the small Russian vessel Askold, capable of launching multiple missiles, located south of Kerch.

The commander of the Ukrainian Air Force, Lieutenant General Mykola Oleshchuk, has confirmed that Ukrainian troops hit one of the most modern ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, a Kalibr cruise missile carrier in Kerch (Crimea).

Ukraine claims that the Missile attack could further undermine Russia’s ability to launch counter-attacks.

Crimea peninsula, which was annexed by Russia from Ukraine in 2014, has been a frequent target of attacks since Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a full-scale invasion of Ukraine 20 months ago. Crimea has served as a critical hub supporting the invasion.

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