COVID-19 Safe Ticket will not be fully abandoned: Vandenbroucke

In Belgium, the Consultative Committee has made the declaration that as the nation proceeds towards the Code Yellow in the Coronavirus Barometer, this is the end of the Covid Safe Ticket. The Federal Health Minister Frank Vandenbroucke stressed that it should not be fully abandoned.

The majority of the rules and regulations will be abolished as the nation will change the code of the Coronavirus barometer to Yellow and include the requirement of the individuals.
If they want to visit any hospitality venue, events, theatres, or gym, they must present a valid CST.

Along with this, the Covid Safe Ticket CST will be decommissioned “as agreed,” according to Vandenbroucke. He did caution, though, that it is unlikely to go gone forever, “I think you should put the umbrella away when the sun shines, but not bring it to the container park. You might need it again one day. For me, the CST goes in the umbrella stand.”

He highlighted that the maximum number of the measures will be relaxed as now Belgium is “Now in a safer situation,” all thanks to the individuals that have been making efforts for a very long time.

On the other hand, Code Yellow signifies that people will no longer be required to wear a mask in the general stores as well as the children can leave their face covers at home when they go to school. Vandenbroucke mentioned, “The point of discussion now is wearing masks on public transport.”

Furthermore, the Consultative Committee will organize a press conference to announce its decisions from 16:00, says a spokesperson for Prime Minister Alexander De Croo declared.

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