Over 1,337 individuals detained at anti-mobilisation protests across Russia

Over 1,337 individuals have been apprehended at demonstrations all over Russia against the announcement of President Vladimir Putin of a partial mobilisation of civilians to fight in the war-torn nation, according to the police monitoring group.

On Wednesday, the OVD-Info monitoring group counted about 1,337 people apprehended at rallies in at least 38 different cities all over the nation after Putin’s morning address to the country.

The protests were the largest in the nation since demonstrations broke out following the announcement of Moscow’s military intervention in Ukraine in February.

According to the sources, in the centre of the Russian capital, Moscow highlighted, police officials arrested at least 50 people in anti-riot gear on the main shopping street.

Moreover, in Russia’s former imperial capital, Saint Petersburg, the reporters saw police officials surround a small group of protesters as well as detain them one by one, loading them onto a bus.

The protesters were shouting, “No mobilisation!”

One of the protesters, Vasily Fedorov, is a student wearing a pacifist symbol on his chest, “Everyone is scared. I am for peace, and I don not want to have to shoot. But coming out now is very dangerous.”

“I came out to the rally planning to participate, but it looks like they have already detained everyone. This regime has condemned itself as well as is destroying its youth,” says a 60-year-old resident who declined to give his last name-Alexei, another protestor.

Along with this, a young protester shouted at one policeman and stated, “Why are you serving Putin, a man who’s been in power for 20 years!”

A student, Oksana Sidorenko, shared the information and said, “I came to say that I am against war and mobilisation.”

She added in the statement, “Why are they deciding my future for me? I am scared for myself, for my brother.”

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