Germany: Defence minister annouces to provide self-propelled howitzers to Ukraine

Europe: The defence minister of Germany-Christine Lambrecht says her nation will provide Ukraine with about four additional self-propelled howitzers as well as ammunition.

Christine Lambrecht is a German lawyer and politician of the Social Democratic Party. She has been serving as the Federal Minister of Defence in the German government of Chancellor Olaf Scholz since December 2021.

She mentioned in the statement on Monday that the ten howitzers already supplied by Germany as well as eight from the Netherlands “have proven themselves in battle.”

Moreover, she asserted, “Ukraine is full of praise of the system and has expressed a desire for more howitzers. In order to further help war-torn Ukraine in its brave fight against the brutal Russian attack, Germany will grant this request.”

The defence minister of Germany expressed that the Panzerhaubitze 2000 model howitzers recently went through refurbishment.

On the other hand, the authorities of Germany promised Ukraine to support them by providing weapons, but they have not believed it. Now anger towards Berlin is increasing.

Kyiv asked why Berlin reneged on its promise to provide heavy weaponry.

The foreign minister of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba, publically raised the question of why Berlin was backtracking on a promise made to send these weapons to Ukraine.

Kuleba expressed his anger through his official social media account, “Disappointing signals from Germany while Ukraine needs Leopards and Marders now — to liberate people and save them from genocide.”

He added that there was “not a single rational argument on why these weapons can not be supplied, only abstract fears and excuses.”

The foreign minister outlined, “What is Berlin afraid of that Kyiv (Ukraine) is not?”







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