Lauren Bushnell and Chris Lane’s Newborn Baby hospitalized!

Recently, Christopher Eric Lane, the American singer, and songwriter and his wife, Lauren Bushnell Lane, welcomed their first child, son Dutton Walker Lane. However, the baby is back to hospitalization one month after his birth.

On Monday, the singer revealed on Social media that his son is not well and requested the masses to pray for their son. Chris shared a video via his Instagram story and stated, “It’s been a night,” Chris told his followers, in which Lauren could be seen holding little Lane. “Poor guy.”

Lane captioned the post, “Spent the night in the hospital. If you pray, Dutty Buddy needs some prayers.”

However, by the evening, the baby was back home, Lauren shared an Ig story of little Dutton and wrote, “Home and resting! Thanks everyone for the prayers- hopefully, we keep resting and getting better.”

The actress shared a video and told, “We have had a rough evening.” The actress detailed that the baby was rushed to the emergency room at 9 p.m. and mentioned that maybe their son had an ear infection.

Lauren stated, “14 hours later we are home and resting but basically he has a common virus (basically a cold) and ear infection but with babies so small and under 28 days old they worry about meningitis and do a full work up / spinal tap.”

Further, she clarified, “Thankfully, they just have to give him medication and keep an eye and pray it doesn’t turn respiratory or get any secondary infections.”

In December 2020, the duo officially declared that she was expecting. She shared a video from an ultrasound appointment.

Bushnell wrote, “A dream. Except I’m not dreaming. I’m wide awake. Holding your dad’s hand, watching you dance around in my belly. Listening to your little heartbeat. My new favorite sound. A miracle. New life. Our sweet baby.”

Later, in a January blog post, Lauren shared more details and mentioned that she was off of birth control for five months when she started to worry.

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