Norway to establish 1000 new study places for international students from Ukraine

The authorities of Norway have made the announcement that they are going to establish one thousand new study places for the international students that are arriving from the war-torn nation, from the €5 million funds that have been provided by the government.

As per the sources, the Ministry of Education has issued a report in which they mentioned that they want to relax the number of Norwegian seafarers.

At the Norwegian higher education institution, the authorities are going to develop around 1,000 new study places.

Moreover, the Ministry of Research and Higher Education named Ola Borten Moe mentioned in the statement, “It is important that refugees from Ukraine, who want to take higher education while they are here, get the opportunity to do so. Similarly, we do not want the needle guild to get into studies for Norwegian seafarers to be smaller. That is why we are increasing the educational capacity at universities and colleges by 1,000 places.”

Additionally, Minister Borten Moe has said the higher education institution showed a willingness to line up with study offers as well as are working to keep up with the plan.

Along with this, Borten Moe asserted, “There is a great willingness among universities and colleges to line up with study offers. Now we follow up with money quickly so that they can keep up the planning. At the same time, we are working to clarify issues regarding the approval of education from Ukraine and how we can implement the admission to higher education for the refugees.”

Furthermore, the funds for the educational institution are dedicated to the public as well as private universities and colleges in Norway, which will be allocated as four-year places giving the institutions the flexibility to adapt offers that are based on the actual demand.

The Norweigan government has distributed the last time a fund of €43 million for the new student housing that has been allocated to eight organizations across the country.

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