Greece: Firefighters rescued 25 migrants trapped in Wildfire

Greek firefighters rescued a group of 25 migrants trapped in a forest in northeastern Greece as a vast wildfire approached on Friday (September 1)

Italy: Around 1,000 refugees arrive in Lampedusa in 24 hours

Italy: Meloni government hopes the state of emergency will help manage flows - Around 1,000 refugees have arrived in Lampedusa in 24 hours. By declaring a state of emergency, the Italian far-right government is "responding" to the continuous immigration and refugee flows, expecting that in this way, it will manage to regulate the situation.

Migrants trying to step into Poland is increasing day-by-day, says authorities

The authorities of Poland has made an announcement that the maximum number of migrants that are trying to arrive in the country is increasing on a per-day basis after the similar highlighted that 134 individuals had attempted to travel the border between the two nations on March 21.

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