Alexis Tsipras puts question to ADAE to access all provisions

Greece: The President of SYRIZA, a political party in Greece, Alexis Tsipras, questioned ADAE to access all provisions concerning politicians, judges and officers.

He took to his official social media account and mentioned in the statement, “At some point, the game and hide-and-seek with the institutions of Democracy end.”


Alexis Tsipras came today to ADAE – Communications Confidential Communications Authority – and asked the President of the Authority, as specified by law, to have access as a political leader and leader of the official opposition to all provisions that relate to political issues bodies, ministers, MPs, MEPs, journalists, judges, but also leaders or officers of armed forces, and have been signed for the last three years.

He further mentioned in the statement, “We will not play with the institutions of the country and the Republic. More likely, games with national security are not going to be tolerated.”

On the other hand, Alexis Tsipras highlighted in his another update about Greece in which he mentioned we dont deserve the nation of inequalities as well as injustice.

“We don’t deserve Greece of injustice, social analges and inequalities. Western Macedonia will not stand alone, it will not become a black spot on the map. Western Macedonia will have a future and prospect.”

Along with this, he shared another update about smell elections. 

Read Here the full statement of Alexis Tsipras: 


It doesn’t “smell elections”, it smells change

The operation of the EYP is not uncontrollable, it is subject to guarantees. There are provisions, which are signed by prosecutors, and these provisions also go to the Authority for Confidential Communications Privacy, the Independent Authority that has under the Constitution the responsibility for confidentiality of communications. 

And of course, telecommunications providers are required to keep a record in the depth of at least two years of all the connections they make.

So if, at this moment, someone asks for proof, they must turn to either the providers or the Communications Confidential Authority, which keeps a file – it may not be encrypted but holds a file – or those who sign the leaks classes. That is, to the EYP attorney, Mr. Vlachou.

And of course, they will give us answers:

What is the national reason to watch the leadership of the Armed Forces. And if there was a national reason, why do they remain in place?

Answers are due here. Institutionalized answers, in Parliament.

Five times I have called the prime minister to come and answer. She refused and hide, she didn’t come.

I will not tire of defending democratic rules in this place. This is the work of the Democratic Party, of which I have the honor as the leader of the largest party in the Democratic Party, to lead. I will not tire and won’t stop till this case is clarified and accountability is served.

Interceptions are not unconnected from what we live through. It’s a lousy method to implement a lousy policy. Citizens live in their daily lives a tragedy. They can’t take out the month, they can’t take off the third week of the month. Here, in Western Macedonia, things are possibly worse because the high price of electricity and heating oil, for those of us living in Athens, can have an impact four months a year, for you it has eight months a year. So apparently if someone asks a question “what’s your most serious concern” you’ll say “I’m hungry”, that “I don’t have a heat” and not the eavesdropping.

The policy of the scary income redistribution that is being done today, cannot stand without these wretched methods, without the information of “type 108”, without the Lebanonization of the morning, noon, evening by state media, without the disappearance of voice of the opposition and political opponents and of course without its control the flow of money.

The Prime Minister does not “smell the elections”, he announces them. This is his job. It doesn’t “smell elections” anymore, it smells people’s mood to get rid of this government.

So I smell change, I smell the need of the world for Justice. This smells in the air wherever I am and stand.

I don’t think that Mr. will be able to take the elections too far. Mitsotakis. We shall have them soon.


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