German University Student kills one, injures three by firing

In southwestern Germany, in the lecture hall at the Heidelberg University (German University), there was an 18-year-old student who has killed one person and has brutally injured around three people by the gunshot. As per the information provided by the law enforcement officers, he shot himself to death after this incident took place.

On Monday, January 24, the statement released by the Mannheim police stated, “A single perpetrator wounded so many individuals in the lecture hall with the help of the long gun. Along with this, the shooter is dead.”

However, according to the reports, he attacked a woman, and after the passage of a few hours, she died because of the injuries that were created by the bullets of the long gun, during a news conference, the interior state minister named Baden-Wuerttemberg Thomas Strobl shared the information with the reporters.

According to the information provided by the investigators, before the incident took place, the perpetrator sent a WhatsApp message in which he mentioned, “The people have to be punished right now.”

Furthermore, the police force has mentioned the shooter was a German biology student 18-year-old who has no criminal record in the nation.

The Mannheim police chief Siegfried Kollmar mentioned that he has a wish to be buried at sea.

A significant security operation is going to be held as they are looking forward to checking all the details of the incident at the Neuenheimer Feld campus of the University.

Meanwhile, the police mentioned on Twitter they urged the people to clear the area as the rescue workers and the service providers can travel without any restrictions.

Apart from this, the place Heidelberg is surrounded in the south of Frankfurt and has approximately 160,000 citizens.

In 1386, the University was established and currently, it is one of leading Germany’s most prominent and is the oldest University of all time.

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