EU Health Commissioner announces about obtaining Danish made monkeypox vaccines

The third-generation monkeypox vaccine, produced by the Danish company Bavarian Nordic, has been acquired by the Commission, according to Stella Kyriakides, European Health Commissioner, who made the announcement on Monday. The EU has obtained over 54,530 doses of vaccines.

Germany will receive over 40,000 vaccines against Monkeypox in early June, says minister

Germany is going to get 40,000 vaccine doses against the monkeypox in the early month of June, with about 2,00,000 more set to follow, the Health Minister Karl Lauterbach has made the following statement on Sunday after cases were reported in Munich and Berlin.

Belgium agrees to purchase 1,250 doses of monkeypox vaccine

Belgium has agreed to take part in a European group purchase procedure, through which it will purchase 1,250 doses of the monkeypox vaccine, enough for 625 patients.

Social media posts falsely claims spike in hepatitis in children due to Covid-vaccines

Several social media posts have been falsely claiming that the recent increase in hepatitis among children is because of the COVID-19 vaccination, according to the reports.

Germany considers to provide Omicron vaccines from September

The health authorities of Germany are considering the anti- COVID vaccines adapted to the Omicron variant of the coronavirus from the month of September, the German Health Minister named Karl Lauterbach mentioned during an interview on Sunday.

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