Italy reduces COVID restrictions, PM promises to reopen

On 2nd February, Wednesday, the government of Italy has made the decision to reduce various anti-COVID restrictions that were made for the protection of the individuals, including schools.

The Prime Minister of Italy, Mario Draghi, has pledged to “Resume to move forward on the way of reopening.”

Moreover, the differences that have been declared also means that virtual learning has come to an end as in the previous day due to the people getting infected from the infection, the schools were closed. There was the majority of the students tested positive in the class.

Both primary and secondary school will continue face to face learning.

As per the statement made by Draghi, he told the Council of Ministers, those who have taken on the new measures that the schools have “Always been the first preference of this government.”

He further added, “The vaccination pass duration for the individuals who have received the three or two shots of the vaccination for the people who have been recovered this will become unlimited for them.”

In the last days, the duration of the vaccination pass of the nation was only valid for six months.

Additionally, the individuals travelling to various nations with the different vaccination regulations, Italy will accept a simple health pass. The details related to a negative test should be mentioned as it will help the people explore the hospitality venues where the vaccination pass was compulsory before.

Draghi said, “In the upcoming days, we will resume advancing on the way of reopening. The data on vaccination is very reassuring.”

“We want more unrestricted Italy.” The government will declare the details (timetable) for further uplifting the restriction based on the current situation related to the COVID-19.

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