Wallonia-Brussels Federation to involve fight against harassment, discrimination & sexual violence

On Friday, March 11, the FWB Minister for higher Education named Valérie Glatigny mentioned the Government of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation (FWB) would involve the battle against harassment, discrimination as well as sexual violence in the ‘Paysage Decree’, which controls the higher Education in Francophone Belgium.

Afterwards, the higher education institution in the FWB will be needed to provide adequate information on the systems, the support services as well as the legislation in favour of the fight against such kinds of abuses.

Moreover, the higher education learning institution will be required to determine a focal point within each of them tasked with handling such cases and be needed to spread the awareness among the workers and the children through specific actions such as training.

Along with this, in the FWB, the higher and second-chance Education will see a launch of a study based on violence & harassment.

The study will come with a budget of €150,000, will be used to evaluate systems already set up to fight against such abuses, as well as determine additional arrangements that can be carried out.

On the other hand, Minister Glantigny highlighted, “Sexism, harassment and sexual violence have no place in higher education or elsewhere in society.”

Furthermore, “They need to be fought against forcefully so that everyone, male and female, can feel safe on our campuses. Today’s decision reasserts this commitment by the Government.”

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