Fresh COVID-19 cases in Belgium continues to decline, but death rate reaches 50

In Belgium, the majority of the individuals getting infected by the COVID-19 variant Omicron still resumes to decrease, but the number of deaths is gradually increasing currently. It has reached around 50 on a per-day basis.

According to the data issued by the Sciensano Public Health Institute on Friday, 12,931 of the latest cases of the COVID-19 variant has been recorded every day from 8 February to 14 February; there has been a 44 percent reduction since the last seven days.

Moreover, the most contagious Omicron variant reported 79.5 percent of all the cases in Belgium and has been reduced to 9 percent since the previous week.

Additionally, the maximum number of PCR tests has been lowered by 28 percent to 52,324.9. The rate of people getting positive after getting tested after reaching the highest peak, now reached at 29.4 percent, which depicts the data that 100 out of 30 tests have been received as positive and since 15 December it has been reached down.

In this current situation, Belgium is going to secure a place as code orange on the COVID-19 barometer from Friday, which means that the rules for occasions, leisure activities as well as the hospitality industry will become more flexible.

At a similar week, an average of 48.9 of the people getting infected by the COVID-19 infection has faced death every day, up to 11 percent since the previous week.

On Thursday, in the last week, there were 67 deaths reported in one day, the highest number from January last year. On the other hand, seems to the highest in the number may be reached.

The rise in the cases was noticed mainly among the individuals of the age of 75 to 84.

The majority of the death in Belgium from the beginning of the pandemic has been reported to 29,886.

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