Belgium: Consultative Committee to have discussion over switching to code orange

In Belgium, the Consultative Committee will be gathered to have a conversation about changing the code from red to orange on the Coronavirus barometer as to the cases of the variant of the COVID-19 showing a downward trend.

As per the information provided by the Deputy Prime Minister for the Francophone green Ecolo party, Georges Gilkinet, shortly the committee members will have a meeting related to the discussion over swapping to “code orange” on the barometer of the COVID-19.

Moreover, the cases of the COVID-19 are getting reduced by noticing the figures of the people getting infected from the virus; the patients had reached that place where it was before the pandemic was stated.

On Friday 11th February, the committee will be up for the meeting, Gilkinet told the interviewer.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister of Brusells, Alexander De Croo, stated during an interview that the date for the upcoming meeting is not decided yet. On the other hand, PM is the only person who can organise such a meeting.

The spokesman of the Prime Minister, Tom Meulenbergs, said, “The Prime Minister is already in the contact with the Minister-Presidents to choose the moment.” More information related to the meeting will be provided in the coming week.

On Thursday, in the Flemish parliament, the Minister-President of the region, Jan Jambon, highlighter that it is the decision of De Croo if the meeting is going to be held or not.

The barometer can only change to orange code when the number of people getting admitted in the hospitals will be reduced to 150 on a daily basis.

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