France confirms death of two children with E. coli ,frozen pizzas made by Buitoni brand

The health authorities of France have mentioned the death of two children with E. coli as well as the frozen pizzas made by the Buitoni brand, owned by Nestlé.

The contaminated pizzas have led to 75 cases of severe poisoning. Currently, there are concerns that cases may appear in Belgium and Europe.

Moreover, the young ones that were affected were aged between 1 and to 18-year-old. E.coli poisoning is particularly acute in young ones.

Along with this, the Contamination with the bacteria often leads to kidney failure as well as other severe internal damage.

The French researchers from the French General Directorate of Health mentioned that the increase in the cases in the nation (of France) was directly linked to the consumption of “Fraîch’Up” frozen pizzas produced by the Buitoni brand.

The Nestlé Industrial Director-General Jérôme Jaton mentioned during the interview on March 30, “Today, we do not understand how this was able to happen. But we will develop an investigation that we will submit to the authorities.”

In addition, the French manufacturer has prevented the production of its frozen food at one of its factories in Caudry in northern France.

Nestlé company is working to figure out what causes Contamination which may have come from the dough or even from one of the nine different types of topping on pizza.

In Belgium, the representative Federal Agency for Food Chain Security (AFSCA), in a comment to Belgian publication RTL, mentioned that they were not particularly worried about the severe infection that can spread and increase in the entire nation.

“In Belgium, there aren’t any signs of any cases linked with the contamination declared in France.”

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