Nail biting situation for the healthcare authorities across Europe, as Omicron surges: Experts

In Europe, the health care centres are showing nervousness as the new variant of COVID-19 Omicron cases is rising rapidly.

As per the information provided by the experts, the early studies stated that there would be a lower risk of severe infection, or the rate of admission would be much lesser compared to the previous Delta variant. The health care officials in Spain, Britain, Italy and other countries face hopeless circumstances.

On Friday, due to a lack of health care workers as the majority of them were affected by the COVID-19 virus and are isolated, the military persons were deployed to the hospital due to the extreme pressure in the hospitals.

The Medical Director, Professor of the National Health Service (NHS), Stephen Powis, mentioned in a statement, “The Omicron leads to the soar in the cases of the infected people and decreases in the hospital staff to treat them.”

Moreover, the hospitals in the United States have delayed elective surgery due to the shortage of health workers. That will also free up the beds in the hospitals for COVID infected individuals.

Meanwhile, the primary healthcare officials of Spain is so stressed due to the devastating condition which this new variant of the COVID-19 has made. On the second last day of 2021, the management in the northeastern region of Aragon incorporated the retired medical employees and nurses again.

According to the data, in Germany and Briton, around 1000 staff members were infected with the Omicron variant in the last week of last year.

The Health Minister of the United Kingdom stated on Friday that the hospitalization rates have increased since the previous February. The COVID-19 illness surges among more aged individuals.

Javed said, “There have still been high hospitalization rates noticed in the more senior age groups. This is the major concern to worry about.”

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