Flanders to provide landowners funding of €25,000 to plant more saplings

In Flanders, the Flemish authorities have introduced a campaign to motivate and encourage the landowners to produce more timber, and they will provide around €25,000 per hectare of the area of land to the individuals who will show their contribution to this initiative.

Moreover, by the end of 2024, the Flemish Region of Belgium has an objective to develop more than 4,000 hectares of woods as well as they have launched a media campaign that will have a look on the landowners to help it to achieve the plan.

The Minister of the Flemish Environment named Zuhal Demir mentioned in a statement, “It’s been the first time that the Environment minister provides the proper support. There is no lack of resources. Full help is provided, but still, there is a shortage of land to produce different woods.”

Demir further mentioned, “If we want to acknowledge our purposes, we are still in need of a lot of land. At this point, we only have around 1,400 ha of land that is in the right location to be planted in the incoming time, but on the other hand, we are still looking for more. This is the reason we are looking out for all of the landowners who are in love with the environment.”

If the landowners participate in this initiative, then in exchange, they will get a subsidy as well as practical support that will begin from an area of 0.1 hectares.

As per the sources, the coverage of the purchase of the essential trees will be performed by the Flemish nature preservation agency Natuur en Bos.

Apart from this, there has been a detailed website developed to permit the individuals to make an estimate of how much of the support they will get for planting trees in the large amount.








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