Hasselt: Teen stabs policeman two times with knife

In the city in Belgium, on Thursday, the young boy stabbed a police officer two times in his back with the help of the knife. As per the information provided by the sources, the young one will be present in the court in Hasselt on account of attempting the crime of killing a human being.

Moreover, on Thursday, the boy was a 12-year-old who stabbed the district police officer who was at his work, directing the traffic nearby the Agnetencollege school in the afternoon in the municipality of Peer, which is located in the Limburg province where the boy who attempted the crime was a student.

“The juvenile court will decide on the appropriate measures, taking into account the seriousness of the facts, the personality of the minors and their living conditions,” press officer Bruno Coppin of the Limburg public prosecutor’s office told Belga News Agency.

During the interview, the press officer of the Limburg public prosecutor’s office, Bruno Coppin, said, “The juvenile court will choose on the effective measures which will be taken into existence, the seriousness of the facts and the personalities of the children and their living situations.”

Meanwhile, the 17-year-old brother of the boy will also show himself on the court under the provisional legal qualification of the rebellion in a gang.

The 41-year-old police officer was engaged in an argument with the boy and the brother. The officer got seriously wounded, but he was out from the life-threatening condition as he was safe. Afterwards, the 12-year-old boy and his mother were arrested after the incident took place and were charged with homicide.

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