Storm ‘Malik’ hits norther Europe; Several people lost their lives

In Northern Europe, due to strong winds, thousands of apartments were left without power, trains were cancelled, bridges were closed, and the coastal waves created flooding that has prevented ferries from docking.

This incident took place in the UK, Poland, Denmark, Poland as well as Germany.

On Sunday, the heavy storm in Northern Europe, the storm’s winds pushing the water onshore, and also it is putting pressure on cancelling the public transport.

Moreover, the storm has moved forward towards eastward. In the German capital Berlin, the fire department has mentioned about the emergence and have requested all the individuals to stay at their homes, at their safe places so that they can remain protected.

As per the information provided by the sources, a person in the German town in Beelitz in the state of Brandenburg nearby the southwest side of Berlin was dead because he was hit by the election poster as it was less tight by the wind.

Additionally, winds of 100 miles (160 kilometres) per hour has been observed by the citizen of Scotland. On the other hand, a woman in Aberdeen, 60-year-old, had died when a falling tree hit her. Similarly, a 9-year-old boy from central England is no more, the cause of his death is the same, there was a man with him who was seriously injured.

Around 130,000 homes all over across England were without electricity as the power lines were cut due to the bad weather conditions.

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