COVID-19 cases are dropping, but rate of casualties on rise by one-third: Reports

In Belgium, the people getting infected by the variant of the COVID-19 Omicron cases are showing a downward trend. Still, the rate of casualties has been increasing after the weeks of the steady situation.

Moreover, as per the figures shared by Sciensano Public Health Institute on Wednesday, the new cases of the affected people have been reported as 27,298, there is a 41 percent fall since the past seven days.

Along with this, the maximum number of cases noticed by the Delta variant has been increased gradually, as has been reported as 92 percent. On the other hand, the circumstances of the Omicron variant has been reduced by 99 percent.

As it is the fifth wave of the COVID-19 formed near Christmas, most of the people who have faced death by getting affected by the infection have remained constant.

The virologist Steven Van Gucht said that intensive care units‘ admissions have decreased since the month started. If this situation remains constant, the government can ease the restrictions that were made for the safety and protection of the individuals.

In the coming Friday, the COVID-19 barometer is going to be in the orange code.

Furthermore, research in the United Kingdom has discovered that people are less likely to get affected by the Omicron variant by getting fully vaccinated (including the booster shots). If the person is inoculated with the primary dose of vaccine and the booster jabs, the rate of individuals getting admitted to the hospital reduce from 77 percent to 85 percent.

Unvaccinated people are more likely to get affected by the COVID variant Omicron.

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