Iran’s decision to provide Russia with weapon-capable drones sent shockwaves in Kyiv: Officials

The information that Tehran intended to provide Russia with drones shocked Ukrainian officials, according to a representative of Volodymyr Zelenskyy's party. 

1 killed, 7 injured including 7-year-old in Russia’s attack on Kyiv: Mayor

A seven-year-old child was among the six people who were injured by Russia's early Sunday morning attacks on Kyiv, according to the mayor of the Ukrainian capital.

Hungary to provide financial support to employers providing jobs to Ukrainian refugees

The Foreign Minister of Hungary named Péter Szijjártóhas has declared that the authorities are going to provide financial support to the employers that are providing jobs to the refugees that are arriving from Ukraine.

Irish government offers decrease in higher education fees for Ukrainian students

The Irish authorities have introduced a decrease in the higher education fees for the students from Ukraine, and they will get access in the nation under the fees status of Europe.

Around 104,000 of Ukrainian migrants reached Hungary since Russia calls invasions: Reports

Approximately 104,000 of the Ukrainian refugees have reached Hungary Europe since Russia's full-scale military operation in Ukraine.

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